Our environment

dienst-iT wishes the global ecosystem to remain intact, so that the coming generations are not endangered by our careless behavior.
Therefore, dienst-iT focuses on environmentally responsible and ecological thinking and acting. Within information technology as well as in any other area of life.

Global environment is strongly affected by factors such as energy production, water pollution, air pollution and waste disposal.

In order to make our contribution to a clean environment, we have set ourselves the following goals:
> Use energy and water consciously and reduce consumption
> Use recycled products
> Minimise waste
To achieve our objectives, we pay attention to the optimal use of energy, and we procure our electrical energy from environment-friendly suppliers like EWS Schönau GmbH.
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Soon you'll find here more information and links on the subjects:
> Fair Trade in the computer industry
> Electronic waste: Repairing is recycling.