Today’s time is marked by rapid expansion of communication infrastructures. Through the internet, virtually any kind of information can be forwarded promptly and retrieved conveniently. More and more people have access to local and global communication - and more and more people take advantage of this opportunity. Recent development goes towards mobile internet. As of today, more people use the internet via mobile phones or tablets than via classical computers or laptops.

The internet enables any supplier of products or services to convey, with minimal effort, any kind of information to their customers. Suppliers who do not present themselves on the internet are no longer noticed by customers. The internet, further to providing information, also enables commercial transactions. This opens up for even more, almost unlimited possibilities for large and small companies, service providers, and even private individuals.

dienst-iT seeks to help you to fully utilize your opportunities!

We provide consultation, in all aspects of corporate design, to small enterprises, medical practices, law firms, agencies and non-profit organizations.
Our main focus is on the design and implementation of websites, online marketing strategies and print media. In close dialogue with you, we develop individual concepts tailored to your needs. We offer solutions, from business cards to presentation on the internet and embedding of webshops. We set a high value on comprehensive consulting.

dienst-iT is your partner with experience and a sense of current topics and trends. As a media agency, we take best possible care of all aspects of your online communications.

Our ideas, experience and competencies are at your disposal!