Online Marketing

You intend to expand and develop your online presentation in order to reach your target group more effectively? We are your competent partner in online marketing. Do you need an online marketing strategy? We gladly assist you with developing an online marketing concept tailored to your goals, providing ideas and implementing them.

Regular email newsletters are a simple and effective way to spread the latest news about your products, topics and developments within your company, and thus to retain your customers.

Search engine optimization
The best website is worthless, if nobody finds it. We optimize your website to help you to achieve a good placement in the results lists for your relevant search terms.

Online advertising
Online advertising offers you many options to reach your target groups, for example with ad banners and other creatives.

Social media
Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, XING and LinkedIn have established themselves as an important means of online communication. Depending on your goals and target groups, it may be worthwhile to have a special focus on these media.